Preparing For Your Life Insurance Medical Exam

The life insurance exam helps life insurance underwriters determine your risk of death at any given time. Someone who is in excellent overall health will have a lower life insurance rate than someone who is in poor health. The life insurance medical exam is similar to an annual checkup. It consists of:

The life insurance medical exam, performed by a licensed medical professional can take place in your home or office and is paid for by the issuing life insurance company. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete the full exam. By properly preparing for your life insurance medical exam, you can avoid abnormal results, which could negatively affect your life insurance rate. In order to achieve the best results, follow these life insurance exam tips.

Life Insurance Exam Tips:

5-7 Days Before Your Exam

3 Days Before Your Exam

1 Day Before Your Exam

The Morning of Your Exam

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