The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Buying Life Insurance

1. Failure to Shop and Compare Prices

Prices vary dramatically for the same life insurance policy, from different companies. No one life insurance company has the best premiums for each person or situation. allows you to to instantly compare life insurance and to do so anonymously. It's a consumer's dream for finding the best deal. The reason is simple is powered by the Compulife life insurance database which is the most unbiased and objective source of life insurance data in the industry. Compulife includes all the companies and products that it can, and life insurance companies pay NO fees to appear in the software.

IMPORTANT: quotes term products from more than 50 "A" rated (or higher) life insurance companies found in the Compulife database for the state of Florida. With one click of the mouse, you will see our best rates available.

2. Not Buying Enough Life Insurance

If you die, your dependents lose the paycheck that you brought home each week/month. To replace your paycheck, how much investment capital would your dependents need, for a given period of time?

At you will find an Income Replacement Calculator that lets you easily see how much life insurance it takes to provide your family with the income that you earned while you were alive. If you insure your paycheck, everything else will take care of itself because you pay all of your expenses from that paycheck.

Click here to use the Income Replacement Calculator

3. Buying the Wrong Kind of Life Insurance

Most people should buy term life insurance. We need life insurance to protect our families during the period that we work and earn a paycheck. For most people, once we retire, the need for life insurance is greatly diminished.

The least expensive product, to provide income protection, is term life insurance. compares the rates of more than 50 of the top term life insurance companies.

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