Types of Websites Offering Life Insurance Quotes

Have you ever given personal information in order to receive a life insurance quote, only to get inundated with phone calls from agents instead? What you may not have known is that there are different types of Life insurance websites. Some want to give you information; others want to get your information. Being able to identify the type of website you are visiting will save you time and minimize the number of annoying phone calls you receive.

Before you do business with any of the following types of life insurance websites, it is important to verify that they are licensed in your state. Trustworthy companies will generally have their licenses listed on the "About" or "Legal" page.

  1. Lead generating sites: One characteristic of this type of website is that they usually have generic names, as opposed to the name of an insurance company or agency. These sites may promise quotes but after you submit your personal information, you are told that you will be contacted by an agent. At this point your personal information is sold to any number of agents who will call you to set up appointments. These sites do not make their money from selling life insurance products, but from selling your personal information.
  2. Websites that collect your information before giving you quotes, but do not sell this information to other entities. These websites will often pass your information to their agents who will contact you. However, in order to ensure that you are working with a reputable company, and not a lead generating site, make sure that you clearly read their privacy practices to protect your private information.
  3. Websites of the individual life insurance companies (Prudential.com, Newyorklife.com, etc.) While these sites are generally designed for informational purposes, you are generally able to request quotes from these sites. However, you would have to go to each company individually to get competitive quotes and while this takes more time, there is no financial benefit to purchasing life insurance directly from the company. Whether you purchase directly from the company or through an independent broker, the premium for the plan will be the same.
  4. Websites like CISFL.net. They offer quotes for multiple insurance companies, but there is no need to share personal, private information. You have the freedom to peruse these quotes at your leisure, without high pressure from sales agents. When you are ready to purchase your life insurance, simply request an application, or submit your information to have a representative contact you.
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